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Empowering Struggling Youth

WildeWood Farm offers an incredible program for youth experiencing emotional or physical traumas. As adults it is our priority to protect, nurture and communicate with our children; setting them up for fulfilling  adult lives.  Horses are naturally therapeutic creatures, they are highly intuitive and feed off the emotions of humans. We work directly with our horses to help troubled children and teens recover from emotional and physical traumas. Equine therapy is a commonly used method for emotional support for people of all ages.

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning is an incredible method with many applications. I am a certified practitioner who works with struggling teens who lack connection, who are bullied, who are misunderstood, who look good on the outside but are dying on the inside, and who are lost in a virtual world. They are silently screaming for someone to understand and are searching for a way to reconnect.

What I do is different, because I partner with horses who give instant, unfiltered feedback to show the teen how to reconnect. As a result of our 12 week program, offered in 2 6-week blocks, teens will acquire a personal connection with who they are, will develop skills to repel bullying, will learn to trust their intuition, and will have a place of sanctuary.

Please contact Hannah if you or someone you love could benefit from this experience. There is also a closed Facebook group for participants. Look up Empowering Struggling Youth at WildeWood Farm.

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